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    1860's Civil War Era Fashion Research    

One of the more difficult and controversial areas for all reenactors is the topic of research.  This is especially true for new hobbyists when it comes to fashion. You can easily become overwhelmed with topics, contradictory information, and where to start! We hope to lessen that burden and make things a little easier by supplying you with information and tools for researching the Civil War.

First off, don’t ever think you have to know everything about the Civil War before you start reenacting - it will never happen. Since the end of the Civil War in 1865, there has been an endless flow of new information published about the war and those who lived at that time. From diaries to memoirs, to autobiographies to biographies, there is an infinite array of material to read.


So to know everything about the Civil War is nearly impossible. What is recommended is to start with an area that interests you and to concentrate on that subject.  And always keep in mind that this is an evolving hobby as you learn more and new historical information is uncovered.


Scroll through our topics below to learn more about the fashion of the era. 

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